About Secrets of the Code


Searching for Sophia by Dan Burstein

BOOK  I: The Drama of Herstory, History, and Heresy
Part I: Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine

Chapter 1: Mary Magdalene: How a Woman of Substance Was Harlotized by History

Mary Magdalene: Saint or Sinner?  by David Van Biema

Sacred Sex and Divine Love: A Radical Reconceptualization of Mary Magdalene by Lynn Picknett

The Woman With the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail by Margaret Starbird

May Magdalene: Model for Women in the Church an Interview with Susan Haskins

Mary Magdalene: Myth or Metaphor? by Susan Haskins

Beyond the Myth by Esther de Boer

"The Da Vinci Code uses fiction as a means to interpret historical obscurity . . . " by Deirdre Good

Critiquing the Conspiracy Theory An Interview with Katherine Ludwig Jansen

The Beliefnet Debate:

A Quite Contrary Mary by Kenneth L. Woodward

Letting Mary Magdalene Speak by Karen L. King

"Is It Sinful to Engage in Sex within Marriage?” an Interview with Rev. Richard P. McBrien

Chapter 2: The Sacred Feminine

God Does Not Look Like A Man -- The Perspectives of Margaret Starbird

Two Years Later: The Da Vinci Code's Impact on the Belief in the Sacred Union an Interview with Margaret Starbird

The Gnostic Tradition and the Divine Mother by Elaine Pagels

The Godman and the Goddess An Interview with Timothy Freke

Sophia's Journey: The Pagan Goddess of the Centuries Lost in the Modern Christian World by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

The Chalice and the Blade: Archeology, Anthropology, and the Sacred Feminine The work of Rian Eisler

Part II: Echoes of the Hidden Past

Chapter 3: The Lost Gospels: "Liberated" Christianity

An Astonishing Find: The Keys to the Alternate Tradition and Their Meaning for Today by Elaine Pagels

What the Nag Hammadi Texts Have to Tell Us About "Liberated" Christianity an interview with James  M. Robinson

The Gospel of Thomas, Helmut Koester, introduction; Thomas O. Lambdin, translator

The Gospel of Philip Wesley W. Isenberg, introduction and translation

The Gospel of Mary Karen L. King, introduction; Geroge W. MacCrea and R. McL. Wilson, translation

The Sophia of Jesus Christ Introduced and translated by Douglas M. Parrott

What Was Lost is Found: A Wider View of Christianity and Its Roots an interview with Elaine Pagels

Chapter 4: The Early Days of Christianities: From the Many, One

Consolidation, or Cover-Up?

The Battle for Scripture and the Faiths We Didn't Get a Chance to Know an interview with Bart D. Ehrman

Ten Errors of Ommission and Commission in The Da Vinci Code by Bart Ehrman

God's Words or Human Words?by Elaine Pagels

The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

Was Jesus Real? An interview with Timothy Freke

The Da Vinci Code and Jewish Culture An interview with Rabbi Asher Jacobson

Why Were the Gnostics Considered Such a Threat? by Lance Owens

Diverging Views on Mythic Beginnings: Was Genesis History with a Moral, or a Myth with Meaning? by Stephan A. Hoeller

Breaking The Da Vinci Code by Collin Hansen

Chapter 5: Secret Societies

Recollections of a Gnostic Mass by John Castro

The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Researching Western Civilization's Darkest Secrets An interview with Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln

 The Opus Dei Debate

Opus Dei in the United States by James Martin, S.J.

Thank You, Lord, May I Have Another? by Craig Offman

Opus Dei Responds to The Da Vinci Code

Part III: Keeping the Secrets Secret

Chapter 6: The Mystery of Codes, Symbols, and Other Clues to the  Hidden Past

The Codes of Dan Brown by David A. Shugarts

Is God a Mathematician? An interview with Brendan McKay

Beyond Professor Langdon's Classroom: The Divine Proportion Explained by Keith Devlin

The "Symbology" of The Da Vinci Code An interview with Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Secrets of Sand and Stone: The Da Vinci Code and New Archeological Finds by Gwen Kinkead

In Search of the Holy Grail at the Rosslyn Chapel by Diane Maclean

Rosslyn Chapel: The Cathedral of the Codes by Dan Burstein

Anagram Fun

Chapter 7: Sfumato: Leonardo and His Secrets

The Secret Code of Leonardo da Vinci by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Thinking Far Outside the Box by Lynn Picknett

Trying to Make Sense of Leonardo's "Faded Smudge" An interview with Denise Budd

"No, I do not believe there is a woman in the Last Supper . . . " An interview with Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Musings on the Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci by Sherwin B. Nuland

New Discoveries about the "Grand Master" Himself: Leonardo since The Da Vinci Code by Cathleen McGuigan


BOOK II - The Da Vinci Code Revealed

Part I: Reviews and Commentaries

Chapter 8: The Dan Brown Revelations

A Collision of Indiana Jones and Joseph Campbell Craig McDonald interviews Dan Brown

In Search of Dan Brown: A Mini-Biography by David A. Shugarts

The Latin Etymology of The Da Vinci Code by David Burstein

What's Next for Robert Langdon? by David A. Shugarts

Chapter 9: "Code Hot. Critics Hotter."

The Da Vinci Con by Laura Miller

Looking for the Grail of Truth in The Da Vinci Code's Version of Early Christianity by Bernard Hamilton

The Vatican Code by Maureen Dowd

Broken Promises: Deciphering the Success of The Da Vinci Code by Curtis White

Religious Fiction by David Klinghoffer

The Cardinal and the Code by Dan Burstein

Faithful Reader Sorts Through the Expanding Bookshelf of "Code" Books by Marcia Ford

Chapter 10: Commentaries & Observations

The Real da Vinci Code by Lynn Picknett

The Case of the Purloined Plot? An interview with Lewis Perdue

French Confection by Amy Bernstein

Paris: In the Footsteps of The Da Vinci Code by David Downie

Cracking the Art of The Da Vinci Code at the Louvre by Elizabeth Bard

Part II:  Underneath the Pyramid

Chapter 11: Sophie's Library

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Da Vinci Code Effect by Arne de Keijzer

The Plot  Holes and Intriguing Details of The Da Vinci Code by David A. Shugarts

Following the Rose Line by Dan Burstein

A Rose by Any Other Name: A Guide to Who's Who in The Da Vinci Code by David A. Shugarts

Leigh Teabing's Bookshelf: The 30 Best Books Related to  The Da Vinci Code by Paul Berger